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The Five S Framework: Presentations Made Easy

It can be hard to remember to cover your bases while speaking, particularly if you’re put on the spot. Luckily there is a simple framework you can use that works for any size presentation, and it’s called the Five S Approach. If you’re asked a question during an event, you can use this approach to provide a quick, complete answer. If you’re putting on a large presentation at a conference, you can use this approach as a framework. Either way, the below framework will ensure that you tell the audience what they want to know and what they need to know.


Time is valuable, and should be used effectively. Begin your presentation by letting your audience know the topic you will be covering, and why it is important. Be sure to provide any background information that they may need. This is your chance to establish yourself as the expert on the topic, and build trust and credibility.

Break down the SCENARIO

Now that you have the audience’s attention, you dive into the scenario. This is where you insert what happened, why it happened, and who was involved. Speaking confidently, covering the facts of the situation for your audience in a concise manner. You should bring back the topic’s relevance to the audience, to create a sense of urgency.

Cover the SOLUTION

In the last step, you presented a problem which gives you the opportunity to take ownership over the solutions. As a leader, your audience will expect you to be able to speak to the options that were available, and why you chose the particular actions.

Give a SEGUE

Rephrase your original objective. Tell your audience what happened next, after you took action. What were the positive and negative outcomes? Make sure to detail any lessons learned in your process.


As the leader on this topic, give your final recommendation to your audience. They are looking to you to share what you have learned, and what it could mean internally, externally, and cross-functionally. Again, speak confidently and directly, trusting your knowledge in the information.

Being able to give a good presentation, no matter the size, will leave a lasting impression on your audience. By following this five-step framework, you can create a story for your audience that is easy to follow.


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