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ICF-ACC | Board Certified Coach



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Introducing David

Dave is the founder of Cain Consulting, Inc., a Veteran Owned Small Business as verified by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the State of Ohio. Dave’s skills include understanding organizational dynamics, extensive leadership experience, and executive leadership coaching. He builds relationships and trust through listening and partnering to identify interference to goal achievement.
Dave’s leadership career, which began in 1979, includes 27 years of front line and management leadership experience with Fortune 500 firms and the US Navy. He learned and developed the fundamental leadership skills necessary to lead high performing, continuous improvement minded teams in union and non-union environments which consistently exceeded expectations.

After years of practicing and learning leadership in corporate and military organizations, it became obvious to Dave that a clear, universal definition of leadership was not the norm. Everyone, from those senior to him, his peers, even his own team members had their own individual ideas of what leadership meant. There was no single identifiable standard for him to act upon and aim for making it a challenge to find his most effective leadership voice.

He also realized there was a lack of clarity around what discrete skills he or other leaders around him needed to be effective. As a result, it was difficult if not impossible to quantify effectiveness of any one leadership skill let alone the overall effectiveness of any individual leader. The obvious conclusion was that investment in leadership development was not a common or comprehensive organizational imperative in his experience.

Amid these realizations, he was introduced to executive coaching and subsequently dedicated himself to being a coach that could help leaders overcome the developmental challenges that he and others inherently faced. He is also highly skilled in connecting awareness of the cause-and-effect nature of an organization’s culture with the behavior of the front line.

Dave is an International Coaching Federation- Associate Certified Coach (ICF-ACC), and is on track to become a Professional Certified Coach. He is also certified by the Center for Credentialing & Education as a Board-Certified Executive Coach and is also a Myers-Briggs Certified Practitioner.

He is ready to help you achieve Advanced Leadership skills.


Ready To Grow Yourself?

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"(Dave's) friendly and easy going personality quickly builds trust, and his work ethic is outstanding. Dave provides value to clients by engaging them in powerful coaching conversations that drive personal and business results." - Brent, Partner, Lead to Perform

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