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ICF-Certified Executive Coach



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Introducing Elizabeth


I am an innovative, results driven and business-focused senior Human Resources executive with extensive experience in enhancing employee culture, and building and developing high performance teams. I am a strategic and collaborative problem solver steering organizations through growth opportunities and challenging transitions, while mitigating risk. My HR and business background across multiple industries has allowed me to play an active role in helping companies drive business growth, reach or exceed corporate initiatives, and ensure the brand voice remains strong. As an Executive Coach, I work with executives and leaders to elevate their leadership skills, communicate powerfully and boost their careers. My advisory practice covers the full breadth of the Human Resources function and is primarily anchored in:

  • Talent Management + Succession Planning

  • Employee Culture + Experience

  • Mergers + Acquisitions Integrations

  • Org Redesign + Reductions in Force


During a successful career spanning three decades, I have held held senior HR roles at Weight Watchers International, American Express, Mercer and Colgate Palmolive, where I have led large and small teams and implemented human capital strategies, and I know how to balance costs with employee and shareholder experience to produce the best outcomes for the organization. At WW, during Covid, I led a comprehensive project team on culture encompassing the mental, physical, financial and emotional aspects of working. I also created the inaugural performance management process across a field team of 4500. During my time at American Express, I was responsible for leading the Employee Relations Center of Expertise (COE) and seamlessly redesigned the service delivery model for ER for 40,000 employees across North America. At both Mercer and Colgate Palmolive, I worked diligently with business partners to create people strategies that would engage talent while building for future capability.


Ready To Grow Yourself?

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"Working with Elizabeth as my Executive Coach over the 1 1/2 years has really had a positive impact on how I approach my role. She helps to focus and refine my thinking when I am stuck and she brings clarity to problems I am facing, so that I can brainstorm solutions more effectively. Her questions push me to think and take action on the next steps I need to take to reach my goals." - Director, Strategic Partnerships, High Growth SaaS Company

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