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Business & People Leadership

888-806-9225 x1

15+ years in entrepreneurship as Owner/Co-Owner of three small businesses and a 12yr career in leadership roles, including Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Sr. Management Analyst, and Program Manager.

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HR & People Leadership

888-806-9225 x2

25+ years in executive HR roles, leading effective HR teams. She has been featured in Hispanic Executive, award-nominated for her work on benefit plans, and sought out for public speaking engagements.

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Healthcare Leadership

888-806-9225 x3

20+ years in multiple leadership and executive roles, including Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer, and is an adjunct associate professor, teaching healthcare leadership, at the Georgetown University Medical Center.

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Business Leadership

25+ years as a leader and consultant, serving as Executive Director, Vice President, and CEO in businesses from $5M to Fortune 100 companies.

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People & Teams Leadership

Former Fortune 50 Human Resources executive with 30+ years global business, organization, leadership development, and DEI expertise with a master's degree in Organization Development.

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